In the year of 2007 she turned her thoughts into action when her husband Mr. Chandan Chakraborty accompanied her with all his vim and vigor and with a handful few well-wishers.
In the early days Mrs.Chakraborty started with 3 to 4 girls. But she faced a problem – how to get all the arrangement for a place for their study? Here The hawker union, RPF and a few Railways employees extended their warm cooperation and Mrs. Chakraborty was offered the hawker union’s office for the time being.

Despite all the adverse situations, she stood like a mountain to protect these children and determined to win this battle. Now the number had increased to 22.
These little girls are homeless, they did not have proper meals or clothing. But Kanta Chakraborty has taken all the responsibilities of them. The running cost got increased to Rs.25,000 for their medical expenses, proper clothing including school dress and dance costume, education, but Kanta Chakraborty sacrificed large portion of her salary and a considerable portion of her husband’s salary to accomodate the cost without a second thought.

Kanta Chakraborty rescheduled her daily routine and started her day from 7:30 am in the morning. She takes 30 minutes to finish up her own domestic responsibilities and from 8:00 am till 10:00 am she teaches these orphans. There were no adequate place for these 20 children to sit at a time, but Kanta never got derailed and she started using adjacent premises of the Dum Dum railway platform without making any physical changes. But in the monsoon she has to take these children into the Metro Railway premises with the kind permission and help of Metro Rail Authority.

Kanta managed to send all these children to different schools and classes based on their age and merits, none got deprived. Provided them all the means to explore their own qualities based on their natural tendency like singing, dancing etc. And many of them stood 1st/2nd in their own classes. Some of them won prizes in different extra-curricular activities.
Kanta Chakraborty with her all honest initiative and zeal made an effort to establish these children in their life and re-absorped into the mainstream society. She made them feel like a part of this sociaty which is also their’s, but which they never felt one with before. These girls and a handicapped little boy enjoying their childhood like any other children and Kanta made it possible.