Kanta’s heartfelt endeavour, initiative, prolonged sacrifices never went in vain and she was acclaimed by people.

  • In the Year 2010 she had been honoured by “Frank –Brothers Honour for an Educationist”. In the year of 2011 she had been awarded and honoured by “West Bengal Women’s Commission“ in the presence of other celebrities.
  • She was also acclaimed by the renowned novelist Sri Samaresh Majumder in 2011. She was also Honoured by Sananda Television Channel “Sananda Nihar Samman 2012”.

With these immense successes many well-wishers has come forward to help Kanta’s noble initiative with all the possible ways and extent.

Kanta is still on her mission to put a smile on the faces of those orphans who forgot to smile. Still Kanta cries when any ignorant, helpless child cries. This drives her passion and mission.