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With the rapid advancement of technology and The Technology Revolution, we are moving with a frantic pace and the whole globe has come into our grip.

But being affluent with the pace of advancing technology we are losing our Human touch, Social Responsibilities and feeling for Mankind. Most of the time we tend to spend on luxurious things rather than essential things, but do not bother on the needs of an orphan who passes by us every now and then, who struggles daily just for her livelihood.

Every day At Dum Dum station we see thin, shabby girl Child begging just for Re.1 but what they are getting in turn? just some abuse, scold and ignorance. Everybody looks at them, avoids them and then moves on without paying heed to them.

But one lady thought differently for these neglected humans. She is none other than Mrs. Kanta Chakraborty, a primary school teacher by profession. She has a monotonous life, unlike other working women who tries to balance between their professional and personal life, she seamlessly manages her domestic chores after fulfilling commitment of her professional life.

She thought out of the box and determined that she will do something for these orphan girls. She will bring them back to the gentle flow of life, she will not allow those girls being deprived from all things in life these little girls deserve.